Chiropractic Care

for Seniors

As we get older, the body experiences various degrees of wear and tear. This can take a toll on your health. Physical and mental processes tend to slow down, which means you may become more susceptible to injury, general discomfort, and pain. Chiropractic care can help reduce seniors’ discomforts, slow down age-related changes, and improve overall health. Visiting our Grand Junction office may be an effective addition to your current health and wellness plan. After all, you are never too old to reap the benefits of chiropractic care.

Common Concerns for Seniors

For the senior population, fall injuries are unfortunately common. Aging muscles and joints may become stiff, which can limit mobility and cause accidents. The hips and knees are often impacted by age, which makes everyday activities, such as showering, difficult. Additionally, arthritis may be another concern, which can also lead to pain and health issues. Reports from individuals over 60 years old state that they feel more tired than the general population. While some of these age-related changes are unavoidable, you can still maintain and improve your health and quality of life as you get older.


Chiropractic Care for Seniors

Chiropractic adjustments focus on aligning the spine, thus improving the function of the central nervous system. In turn, this improves your body’s ability to send and receive messages. Spine misalignments can disrupt this crucial process and lead to illnesses or pain. When a chiropractor corrects your spine misalignment, your body experiences a higher level of health and balance. This means a lower chance of falls, as well as improvement with your range of motion, movement, and much more. Chiropractic care can give you the confidence and independence you deserve as you age. Care offered by a chiropractor is natural, so it also reduces the side effects or interactions between new medications. Additionally, it may help with thyroid conditions, sleeping issues, balance issues, headaches, migraines, poor circulation, tinnitus, varicose veins, joint pain, back pain, and much more.
Chiropractic care for seniors in Grand Junction

Visiting Empowered Chiropractic

When you visit Drs. Cullen and Mark Ferdarko, their goal is to help empower you through education and spinal correction to obtain optimal health and healing through neurologically-based, corrective chiropractic care. For senior citizens, this may include improvements in mobility, balance, and overall health. At Empowered Chiropractic, each patient receives a plan of action personalized for their specific needs and goals. Remember, aging doesn’t have to mean a lower quality of life. With specialized care, you can lead a healthy and long life.
Drs. Mark and Cullen are extremely passionate about helping each and every person to reach their God-given health potential through specific chiropractic care. Not only does chiropractic help with musculoskeletal issues but also allows the body to heal on a much deeper level, from the inside out through correction of the nervous system. While the improvement of symptoms is important, long term optimal health is our ultimate goal at Empowered Chiropractic.

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